The Elusion Electronic Cigarette

    Try Elusion electronic cigarettes, the healthy alternative that's both nicotine and smoke free.

    An Elusion electronic cigarette is a rechargeable battery powered device with the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. Our Elusion e-cigarettes satisfy a smokers physical habit by imitating the look, feel and taste of tobacco cigarettes. Liquid in the e-cigarette inhalers cartridge looks like smoke when it is atomised. We consider Elusion is the best electronic cigarette available, and a cheap electronic cigarette as compared to tobacco cigarettes, you decide!

    Elusion E-Cigarettes Explained

    Join with the Stars

    Join with the Hollywood stars and buy an E-cigarette for a healthier alternative. See the latest pics of Leonardo Di Caprio and Katherine Heigl enjoying smokeless electronic cigarettes.

    The Elusion Advantage

    • Our Electronic Cigarette is a healthy Elusion to the real thing
    • Contains no tar or cancer causing chemicals
    • They are smokeless cigarettes, producing harmless vapour rather than carbon monoxide and smoke
    • Enjoy the tactile taste sensations of smoking without the risks associated with smoking tobacco
    • ECigs can be used in smoke free areas including inside clubs, bars, restaurants and offices
    • Available in a variety of flavours - standard tobacco, menthol and coffee flavours
    • Some people know our Elusion Electronic Cigarettes as Illusion Electronic Cigarettes or Elusion Electric Cigarettes
    • Enjoy our Elusion ECigarettes, enjoy a healthy, smoke-free cigarette
    • Find out more about the Elusion ECigarette range on our FAQ page.

    Elusion Electronic Cigarettes are available at selected Pharmacies:

    Elusion electronic cigarette testimonials
    • “I just wanted to say that I am extremely impressed with your electronic cigarette and your superior customer service.”
      - Juan Danga
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      “Just received my Elusion electronic cigarette this morning! Very happy with your fast service and product quality.”
      - Robbie Lewis
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    • “I want to thank you, the Elusion team, for helping me achieve such life changing results.”
      - Carl Wright
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      “I have not craved a "regular cigarette", I have not gained weight, I feel so much better.”
      - Susan Ford.
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    • “Thank you so much for such an amazing electronic cigarette I will be recommending to every smoker I know! ”
      - Tara O'Neill.
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      “I am down to smoking 2 cigarettes a day from 15 in 10 days.”
      - Gloria.
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    • “I would like to thank you for your time and excellent product.This electronic cigarette was the only method helpful for me to stop smoking.”
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      “This electronic cigarette is great, and is surely a lot less expensive than tobacco products.”
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    • “Very impressive - Having been a heavy smoker for about 15 years, I must say that this electronic cigarette is revolutionary.”
      -Jean-Claude Biosa.
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      “Thanks. I placed my order yesterday and this morning my package was on my doorstep. Very impressive service.”
      -Anne Grace.
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    • “I have absolutely NO hesitation in recommending the Elusion to anyone, the cartridges taste great!”
      -Mark Norvall
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