There are many reasons why people want to quit smoking. For a lot of people, they want to improve their health and lower their risks of cancer and other diseases. For some, they decide to try to quit because they have children. But have you ever thought about quitting smoking to save money? Smokers spend hundreds, even thousands of pounds on cigarettes every year. By quitting smoking, you could be putting hundreds or thousands of pounds into a savings account each year—or you could save the money to spend at Christmas time or on a special holiday. How do you quit? Well, there are many different methods for quitting smoking. It’s always a good idea to speak to your GP about your desire to quit smoking first. He or she may have some personal recommendations or suggestions. However, one of the best ways you can quit smoking these days is by using Elusion electronic cigarettes.

By using cheap electronic cigarettes, which give the look, feel, and taste of a real cigarette, you could save a lot of money a year. Check out our Savings Calculator on the home page to find out approximately how much you could save. For instance, if you spend around £6 on a pack of cigarettes, and you smoke a pack a day, you could save around £1,200 a year just by switching to electronic cigarettes.

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