The E-cigarette


    The Elusion Electronic Cigarette consists of a stainless steel shell, a lithium ion battery, a v Smart chip, program-controlled circuits and a cartridge, which is attached to the main device. The front section of the body contains the operating mode indicator, which lights up when the inhaler is being used or when the battery is due for charging. When the cartridge is inhaled, an atomised vapour is released. The liquid within the cartridge contains water, flavouring, propylene glycol.

    Elusion’s cutting-edge e-cigarette technology includes disposable cartridges, which, we believe are more user friendly than the manual refillable cartridges, used by our competitors.


    Elusion Product Advantage:

    Cartridge is closed with a press machine so that no other ingredients can be added. This prevents misuse of the product.

    The atomizer is integrated into the disposable cartridge along with the nicotine pad, and is renewed with each replacement.

    Has an LED light at the tip of the cigarette which glows brightly upon inhalation

    The vapour is strong and deep, even upon exhalation

    The parts that are exposed to your lips are replaced with each cartridge

    The fresh sensation is renewed with every new cartridge.

    The cartridges are colour coded for better usability.


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