The Elusion Story:

    Elusion is a multi-national electronic cigarette company, with offices and distribution networks operating the New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

    Elusion is an import / export company primarily; distributing high quality products internationally as well as domestically. In its fifth year of operation, Elusion takes pride in distributing one of the most advanced electronic cigarettes in the world. With a 95% share of the Australasian market, Elusion is now active in the UK market, with new offices having been established in London earlier this year.

    2012 has been an extremely productive year for this growing enterprise, with the popularity, reach and growth rate of the product ever increasing. In early 2011, Elusion Electronic Cigarettes were selected as the product to be used in the world largest clinical trial regarding e-cigarettes. The trial is currently underway at the Auckland University’s Clinical Trial Research Unit. This trial will test the effectiveness of the Elusion e-cigarette as quite smoking device. This assessment has an estimated cost of over NZD$1 million. The success of these trials could significantly advance the classification and legislation of electronic cigarettes internationally.

    The Elusion Electronic Cigarette products are distributed internationally via the Elusion websites, and in over 1000 supermarkets, petrol stations, pharmacies and newsagents in New Zealand, Australasia, and Europe.

    Elusion sees a significant opportunity to satisfy the growing global consumer demand for smoking alternative products and alternative quit-smoking devices. With Elusion’s significant achievements and economic success thus far, the future and growth of this progressive enterprise is promising.


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