How it works

    How it works

    How our E-Cigarette works:

    The Elusion® E-Cigarette uses advanced micro-electronic and atomisation technology. This allows the e-cigarette to atomise the liquid solution, which is extracted from the flavour cartridge when inhaled. The liquid solution comes in a variety of flavours, providing an enjoyable and satisfying experience to suit your personal taste.

    Components Description:

    General electronic components:

    Your Elusion® E-Cigarette contains a number of small components including: cartridges, a battery, a rechargeable holder case and a charger. All components have been specifically customised* for the Elusion® E-Cigarette.

    Rechargeable Holder Case, Battery and Chargers:

    The Elusion® starter kit comes complete with a wall charger and USB charger for your rechargeable holder case, allowing you to recharge your battery on the go.

    Cigarette Body (Battery and Cartridge):

    The Elusion® E-Cigarette body consists of a stainless steel shell, a lithium ion battery, a v Smart chip, program-controlled circuits and a cartridge which is attached to the main device. The front section of the body contains the operating mode indicator, which lights up when the inhaler is being used or when the battery is due for charging.

    In the front section of the body is the operating mode indicator.

    Atomized cartridge:

    The E-cigarette cartridge is made up of an inhaler, an atomizer and a liquid container. Please note that the atomized cartridge should be disposed of after once it stops producing vapour.

    *Note: The number of puffs per cartridge will vary depending on use.

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